photo - kathleen, zoo keeper, standing at table with materials to make a bug blob, which kathleen is showing to the camera

Make A Bug Blob!

Grab your family and a few items! We’re making a bug blob! Materials Newspaper to put under the craft  area A piece of paper (Scrap paper works great, such as the back of a school worksheet or printer paper) Some … Find Out More

photo by mckenzie - employee sitting in meta zoo, at table with materials needed and finished product of earring holder made for kids arts and crafts session

Make an Earring Holder

Supplies: 10 Popsicle Sticks Hot Glue Gun (use with adult supervision) Paint, markers or Crayons to decoration your popsicle sticks. (TIP: it may be easier to decorate the popsicle sticks prior to building the holder.) Directions: Glue four sticks into … Find Out More