A Seal of a Different Color

Joining the California sea lions and harbor seal in Glacier Run is Rona, a gray seal. Rona is a 3-year-old female born at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Rona is steadily getting used to her new surroundings—the Louisville Zoo is a … Find Out More

origamai elephant

Origami Record

It’s official! You helped us break a Guinness World Record. The Louisville Zoo is now a part of the Guinness World Records™ title for the “Largest Display of Origami Elephants.” This past summer in August, you helped us fold 1,100 … Find Out More

little penguin

Penguin Nesting Season

The first little penguin nesting season arrived at the Louisville Zoo! Two pairs of penguins took part this year: male penguin Boost with female Broccolini, and male Eminem with female Cody. The penguin pairs made their nests in cozy nesting … Find Out More

Two Top-Notch Inspectors

John Walczak was recently named one of three inspectors of the year by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), the accrediting agency of zoos and aquariums in North America. Walczak was recognized alongside his predecessor, previous Louisville Zoo Director … Find Out More



Learn about ways your Zoo works to be a leader in sustainability Sustainability is a core theme driving the Louisville Zoo‘s mission “to better the bond between people and our planet.” By educating visitors about wildlife conservation through amazing encounters … Find Out More