Vanquishing Energy Vampires

Electric VampireTHINK ENERGY! Hey Kids! We know you’ve heard a lot of grownups talking about “conserving energy.”But what does this really mean? We all use energy each day, at home, at school and in lots of other places. In order to make the energy that we all use, we need natural resources, such as coal, oil and gas. These are things that nature provides, but they are limited and won’t last forever! Once they are gone, they can’t be replaced. If we “conserve” something, we are saving or using less of it.

LIFE WITHOUT ELECTRICITY? Grab your family members, and talk for a few minutes about all the ways you use electricity and what your lives would be like without it! Some things to think about: How would you heat and cool your home? Light your living spaces? How would you keep your food cold? Wash and dry your clothes? Could you watch TV? WOW! We truly rely on electricity don’t we?

DO YOU HAVE VAMPIRES IN YOUR HOME? Bet you do! Make a list. Remember to include those things in your home that constantly suck energy (not blood). These are called “energy vampires!” They are things that you have plugged into the outlets, such as cellphone chargers, toasters and even lamps. These vampires draw power from electrical outlets, even when appliances or devices are not in use! Pretty scary, huh?

FOLLOW THE LEADER! You’ve all played this game, right? Well, we have a new twist on this old favorite. This time, kids are the leaders, and the adults have to follow. Challenge your parents, grandparents, teachers and other grown-ups to follow the suggestions that you show them, in order to save energy at home and at school! Let them know that saving energy also saves money, cuts down on pollution, and helps people, plants and animals have a much healthier planet on which to live.

ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO! It’s easy! Set some goals for your family to reach. Make a simple chart that lists a few ways for your family to save energy each day of the week. Maybe it’s turning off lights each time you leave a room, taking shorter showers, or opening the curtains in winter to let the sun in. There are tons of things you can do and little changes add up to making a BIG difference! Remember to take the lead, be creative, set good examples and mark your chart! At the end of each week, see if your family reached the goals you set. Reward yourselves for fantastic efforts and accomplishments!