photo - kathleen, zoo keeper, standing at table with materials to make a bug blob, which kathleen is showing to the camera

Make A Bug Blob!

Grab your family and a few items! We’re making a bug blob!


  1. Newspaper to put under the craft  area
  2. A piece of paper (Scrap paper works great, such as the back of a school worksheet or printer paper)
  3. Some scrap construction paper, or any other paper for legs, wings, antennae
  4. Non-toxic paint or food coloring (3 colors) for the three parts of a bug’s body
  5. Scissors
  6. Tape or non-toxic glue stick
  7. Googly eyes or non-toxic marker for eyes

Instructions (Grab an adult to supervise and help! )

  1. Take your main piece of paper and crease it down the middle
  2. Put three small blotches of different colored paint down the center line with a little space in between each blotch
  3. Fold the paper along the crease and press around until the paint colors spread out and touch/overlap for the 3 body parts (head, thorax, abdomen)
  4. Allow the paint to dry and cut the “body” out.
  5. Cut out and add 6 legs, antennae and wings, all made with some scrap paper.
  6. Add eyes.
  7. Your bug is complete, and every bug will be unique! Name your bug if you wish!