New Chick on the Block

The Zoo bird department had its first gray-crowned crane chick (also known as the East African crowned crane) hatch in the Zoo’s 52-year history working with the species! When the crane egg was laid, it was moved into the Zoo’s … Find Out More

Meerkat reading passage

Meerkats are a small animal found in dry areas of southern Africa. They are omnivores, so they eat insects, spiders, snails, eggs, plant roots and more! They will spend much of their day digging in the sand looking for their … Find Out More

Louisville Zoo Reveals Name of Addax Born in May (Media Release)

The Louisville Zoo has announced the name of their newest addition, the female addax that was born at the Zoo on Friday, May 8, during the COVID-19 pandemic closure. Louisville Zoo officials chose the name, Jira (JEE-RA), which translates to “anticipation” in Hausa. Hausa is the most widely spoken language in Niger, which is the only region where the addax remain today. Find Out More