Louisville Zoo Opens Penguin Cove

The Louisville Zoo is happy to announce the opening of its newest exhibit —Penguin Cove, Little Penguin Conservation Center — generously supported by the Paul Ogle Foundation, Inc. The new exhibit features “little” penguins (also known as “blue” or “fairy” penguins) which have never been seen before at the Louisville Zoo. The exhibit opens to the public Saturday, May 14. Find Out More

gorilla baby 18

Meet Kindi

Zoo Keepers name gorilla baby and Zoo announces limited viewing as well as Baptist Health Partnership. The Louisville Zoo’s Gorilla Forest zoo keepers have been dedicating days and nights to caring for the premature baby gorilla born in March. In recognition of their devotion and tireless caretaking… Find Out More

gorilla baby 18

Gorilla Infant: Day 18

Day 18: Just like a newborn going home from the hospital, our infant gorilla headed home to Gorilla Forest earlier this week. She made the big move late Tuesday afternoon (day 15). With this move, her acclimation begins. As with all of our … Find Out More