Exhibit Zones


Want to know more about your favorite animal ambassadors? In love with the beautiful blooms you stopped to admire? Find out more about the plants and animals that call your Zoo home!

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Explore the lands of Africa. Experience the majesty of the world’s tallest mammal, the giraffe. Get up close with one of the world’s rarest antelopes, the addax. Experience the majesty of the elephants — the world’s largest living land mammal. Meet a herd of Hartmann’s zebras, and trek through the cool, shady passages of Gorilla Forest. Don’t forget to stop by the  Colobus Crossing to meet our curious Colobus monkeys.

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Eat, relax and play as you visit the land down-under right here in Louisville. Walkabout with wallabies and wallaroos, feed nectar to the colorful lorikeets, “grab a feed” at the Wild Burger and then explore the Billabong Playabout! Just a short walk from the Zoo Splash Park, it’s the perfect opportunity for families to learn and play together.

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Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of an imaginary gold mining town on the edge of the arctic wilderness. Award-winning Glacier Run will transport you to a place where humankind and nature strive to co-exist.

Peer over the glacial cliffs to connect with magnificent animals like polar and grizzly bears. Watch the spectacular behaviors of the graceful seals and sea lions. Trek over to  Snow Leopard Pass and meet our three snow leopards and learn more about this elusive animal species and how we can help these cats survive.

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The HerpAquarium at the Louisville Zoo is jam-packed with rad reptiles, stunning snakes, and bewitching bats. Explore the world of cold-blooded critters while getting up close with a frogs, gila monsters, enormous boa constrictors and more.

Go on an expedition down the Amazon River and come face-to-face with a shoal of black piranhas. Venture down a Mexican mine shaft and “hang-out” with the vampire bats. Bathe in the sun like King Louie, the Louisville Zoo’s very own white-scaled American alligator.

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Experience the sights and sounds of the Islands and explore their ecological treasures. Come nose-to-nose with the charismatic orangutans. Marvel at the sleek stripes of the Sumatran tigers. Cower before the Cuban crocodiles and let your trek take flight as you explore the lush bird paths. Flock to the little penguins in Penguin Cove.

The Islands zone is home to the award-winning and world’s first multi-species rotational Islands exhibit which simulates the way these animals live in the wild.

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From the Amazon to the Andes, the Zone of the Americas is home to a dazzling display of creatures. Immerse yourself in the natural scenes of North and South America. Get mesmerized by the golden eyes of the jaguars, seek out the elusive maned wolves,  experience the largest flock of Chilean flamingos in North Americaand hang out with our sloths Sunni and Sebastian!

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