A Kindi Update – October 22, 2019

Late this summer, our small gorilla with a big personally Kindi and her surrogate mom Kweli joined their permanent family group with female Paki and silverback Casey. It’s been a process of three and a half years for the Gorilla … Find Out More

A Kindi Update — August 23, 2019

Kindi is as rambunctious as ever as a juvenile gorilla. She enjoys playing and hanging upside down on cargo nets, noshing on veggies and fruits with surrogate mom Kweli and exploring the different areas of Gorilla Forest. Kindi and Kweli … Find Out More

Mikki and Calf Blog #2 – Bonding

Mikki and calf are still enjoying bonding time behind the scenes in the elephant barn. Punch, our Asian elephant, also continues to be off exhibit to bond with her new herd member. When our calf was last weighed, he was … Find Out More