A Hawk-Eyed View of the Zoo!

By Mark Mlynek, Keeper Included in 2023 Fall Trunkline What is a zoo? If you ask people this question, you will likely hear responses such as, “a family-friendly place with lots of animals” or “a park-like setting with exhibits that … Find Out More

photo - Fred Hougland shot of large, mountain side in Tanzania, showing a small work area with buildings at base of mountain, clouds surround the mountain, larger mountain in background

“Safari njema!”

By Fred Hougland, MetaZoo Educator Whenever a conversation lands on Africa, I hear a similar response from most people.  I have always wanted to go to Africa.” In the early 2000s, I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania. My … Find Out More

Adopt-a-Garden at the Louisville Zoo - beautiful pink pedel open flower, with lots of greenery in the background


Do you like spend your “thyme” gardening? Have a “green thumb”? Spring is just around the corner and you might really “dig” the Louisville Zoo’s Adopt-A-Garden Program! The Louisville Zoo’s Horticulture Department is welcoming volunteer garden enthusiasts to participate in the care of our inviting and inspiring park-like setting. Participating … Find Out More