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What is a Backyard Action Hero?

A Backyard Action Hero — or BAH as they are called — is a kid or adult who is really into wildlife and habitats and is ready to take action to protect them. They think being “green” is cool, and they know that to make a difference they not only need to learn, but they also need to act! BAHs care about animals and habitats in their own backyards as well as all around the world.

Click below to read our guidebooks and learn how YOU can become a Backyard Action Hero! You’ll find fun facts and awesome activities that you can do by yourself or with family, friends and classmates. Since the Louisville Zoo is a great place to learn about all kinds of plants and animals, our the Backyard Action Hero guidebook also explores what’s happening at your Zoo! Discover ways that YOU can help protect the environment. It’s not only cool to help with conservation – it can be fun too!

The Current Guidebook

The 2020-2021 Toyota Backyard Action Hero Guidebook is all about the scientific method and how parents and teachers can foster a love of science from home and in your own backyard.

This issue features info on polar bears, Cuban crocodiles, climate change, light absorption, and even has interactive activities to help guide your Backyard Action Hero’s learning experience! Once you are finished reading, take the quiz for a chance to win a FREE virtual animal encounter.

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