Louisville Zoo members receive our very own Trunkline Magazine four times a year (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter). Each issue is full of Zoo news, feature articles, public classes line-up and member coupons.

Member Note:  We are pleased to offer members a variety of coupons to various Zoo and community activities through the Trunkline Magazine. Please check the expiration dates and restrictions of the coupons before redeeming them. We regret that our supply of Trunkline Magazines is limited and we are not able to provide members with multiple copies. If you are a member and are not receiving your Trunkline magazine, please call (502) 459-CATS (2287).

The Fall 2020 Issue Includes:

  • The Zoo responds; read about the ways we adapted for COVID-19. Things may be different — but you still can’t be a zoo keeper from home!
  • Get animal updates about some of your favorite Zoo ambassadors such as Fitz the elephant calf, our new sloths, lions and much more.
  • Learn about some of the amazing events we threw this year and the fun we have coming up!

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