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Pan African Sanctuary Alliance

Did you know that 25 cents from every Louisville Zoo general
admission ticket and 50 cents from every membership goes to
conservation? Just by visiting the Zoo or becoming a member, you
play an important part in helping vital conservation efforts around
the world. Here’s a bit of information about an upcoming partner
that works to protect primates throughout Africa.

PASA (Pan African Sanctuary Alliance) is the only alliance of wildlife sanctuaries and global conservation experts working across Africa to protect primates and their forest and savannah homes.

Africa’s primates are rapidly disappearing. Habitat destruction for palm oil, mining, logging, oil development, human settlement and agriculture are consuming the
remaining primate habitat at an alarming rate. PASA assists sanctuaries to work directly with local communities to change behaviors that impact the everyday survival of primates and their habitats.

African primates are hunted for profit or food, or as “pests” because they compete with humans for natural resources as human populations expand into their habitats. It’s illegal to hunt, sell or keep chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos and many other primates as pets. Without sanctuaries, these laws go unenforced because officials have nowhere to take rescued or confiscated animals for care. PASA member sanctuaries rescue primates confiscated by local authorities and provide veterinary care and
rehabilitation in a safe, appropriate environment where they can interact with their species. Most rescued primates require lifetime care, while others may be reintroduced into their natural habitats after extensive preparation.

PASA and its member sanctuaries also train and assist in developing education programs that engage community residents in 12 African nations in protecting their
forests and wild primates. The educators are dedicated wildlife advocates who develop innovative conservation solutions with local communities to address these challenges.

PASA materials and funding enable educators to foster a new generation of African conservationists through school conservation education programs, nature clubs and
community programs. Their programs reach more than 500,000 people annually at the
sanctuaries and in local communities.


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