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Louisville Zoo Introduces Planet Savers presented by Ford Motor Company (Media Release)

Contact:  Kyle Shepherd
(O) 502-238-5331 (C) 502-744-5639  

The Louisville Zoo, in partnership with Ford Motor Company, is launching Planet Savers: a program encouraging people of all ages to support and nurture compassion for animals and the environment through action. Individuals, schools, nonprofit organizations, after-school clubs and programs, assisted living facilities, resource groups, home-school families and more are invited to join the initiative.

Planet Savers can be any individual or group of two or more wishing to do better for wildlife and nature. Ideal Planet Savers participants are those that would like to celebrate the earth and all that depend on it through the creation of projects or activities to support planetary health. Examples of activities are an initiative to pick up litter in a neighborhood, plant a pollinator garden, or establish a campaign to turn lights off in office spaces or buildings when unoccupied. The possibilities are endless.  Any activity, large or small, can make a difference.

“The hope is that individuals will find a particular environmental issue they are passionate about, establish an action plan to address the challenge or need, and then dive in by themselves or with a group of their peers to complete their plan,” said Louisville Zoo Director Dan Maloney. “We’re thankful to Ford Motor Company for their commitment to this initiative and are excited to see how creative people can get with their projects. I say it all the time, wildlife needs everyone, and we need wildlife. Together, we as humans can join forces to make a difference. At the end of the day, we will all have a better understanding of what it means to live well with wildlife.”

Planet Savers is an expansion of a pilot program started about a year ago in collaboration with the University of Louisville’s Future Healers program, Christopher 2x and his GameChangers organization. The Planet Savers program has no boundaries and emphasizes inclusion and engagement for all, providing additional ways the Louisville Zoo can be a resource for anyone wishing to connect with nature and animals in meaningful ways. “The program aligns perfectly with the Zoo’s mission “to better the bond between people and our planet” as participants will be encouraged to make a commitment to be good stewards of our planet and to find ways that work for them to help solve environmental challenges on behalf of wildlife,” Maloney said.

Applying for Planet Savers
Those interested in becoming a Planet Saver or creating their own Planet Savers club will need to apply at After completing a short application, the Zoo will issue a Planet Savers welcome kit as well as provide exclusive access to a “members only” online directory of free educational resources and suggested activities to kick-start brainstorming sessions needed to form an action plan or activity.

Additional Engagement Opportunities
The Zoo also plans to celebrate the work of Planet Savers participants and encourage others to join the effort during a series of three Planet Savers Celebration Days at the Zoo presented by Ford Motor Company. In May, July and September 2023, Zoo educators and docents will share special conservation science activities with Zoo guests. Celebration activity dates will be announced to Planet Savers participants upon their acceptance into the program. All activities will be included with Zoo admission.

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