Construction Update: Where are the Fairy Penguins?


Current status of the Penguin Cove exhibit, Nov. 5, 2016

We heard a little guy ask his mother the other day where the new Fairy Penguins. He was asking his mother if the penguins were here in Louisville yet. We figured if he was wondering if they were here yet, that you might be curious too!

Well, they aren’t here, just yet.

The penguins made their way from Australia and are currently at the Bronx Zoo in New York, while we put the finishing touches on their new home. They will hopefully head here early in 2016, when we can start caring for them and acclimating them to their new digs. The exhibit is expected to open in late Spring 2016.

Please note that while we’ve been calling them “Fairy penguins,” which is their proper name, you may also start to see us refer to them as “little penguins.”

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