wilt elementary students stand in freezer

School at the Zoo: Wilt Elementary Day Two – Mrs. King’s Class

Today our guests from Wilt elementary spent the day discussing how living organisms get energy-either through photosynthesis and the use of the sun (plants) or through the consumption of other living things (animals).  The students had some previous knowledge of the terms “herbivore, carnivore, and omnivore” and applied that to our lesson today. We were visited in class by Abraham the lop eared rabbit, Chiquita the black and white Argentine tegu, and Hannah the black king snake. Many of the students were surprised that king snakes are immune to the venom of other snakes.


We visited the commissary kitchen today and the students got to peek inside the refridgerator and grain rooms where food is stored for our animals at the Louisville Zoo.

We also visited the petting zoo today and saw many animals that would live in an African savanna ecosystem: giraffes, rhinos, and even lions.