wilt elementary students sit in mulch

School at the Zoo: Wilt Elementary Day One – Mrs. King’s class

We would like to welcome Mrs. King’s third grade class from Wilt Elementary to the Louisville Zoo for School at the Zoo. The students arrived at 10 a.m. this morning by bus and were greeted by our docent volunteers in the plaza. Students were escorted to the MetaZoo Discovery Center and their classroom space for most of the week.

Each child received a School at the Zoo Science Notebook that they will use to record their work and brainstorming for the week. We took a walk today to the Islands exhibit to see the komodo dragon, Cuban crocodile, and penguins.

img_1040 img_1041

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In class we were visited by our pygmy hedgehog, Madagascar hissing cockroach, great horned owl, and a red tailed hawk.

img_1050 img_1051

This afternoon we worked on our science skills by doing some outdoor ant observations. The students observed different types of ants in different spots all around the MetaZoo.

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We are looking forward to a great week with this group of students.