wilt student pets white goat

School at the Zoo: Wilt Days Three & Four

One of the biggest themes of our School at the Zoo week is biomimicry.  Wilt third graders have been discussing tools that they use in their everyday life that are inspired by nature. We carry books in our packs the way a Kangaroo carries her joey’s in a pouch, for instance.  We are encouraging students to think like engineers and inventors.  Can they create a nature-inspired tool to help them  solve an everyday challenge? We think they can!

Students enjoyed their tour of the HerpAquarium!

wednesday-herp wednesday-herp2

wednesday-turtle wednesday-armadillo

thursday-goat thursday-lorikeet


Both groups of students have visited our Glacier Run classroom this week.  They have seen bear training, tiger training, sea lion training and visited our lorikeets/wallabies. Today Mrs. Pack’s group got to experience an extended tiger training as our Zoo keepers are working to teach our male tiger Vikentii a new behavior.

Mrs. Bradley’s group had a great time at the petting zoo today visiting our goats. They also got the opportunity to see our warthog Mollie basking in the sun.