wilt students look at reptile

School at the Zoo: Wilt Day Two

We think the Louisville Zoo is pleasant all year round, however there is something truly special about strolling through the Zoo’s tree lined paths in the fall. The brisk air and falling leaves invite students to be outdoors-observing, investigating, and connecting to this beautiful planet. We could not ask for more beautiful weather-or a more passionate and enthusiastic group of students to be learning alongside than Wilt Elementary 3rd graders.


Today students in Mrs. Bradley’s discussed ecosystems around the world and how they differed from our own temperate deciduous forest. Many of the students were excited to share their ideas on why we have seasons-and how seasonal change affects the living things in our environment.   Afterwards, the students visited the HerpAquarium where they observed reticulated pythons, vampire bats, and our white American alligator : King Louie.

Mrs. Pack’s class discussed different types of consumers and how plants make their own food using energy from the sun. One of our most popular animals visited the class today: Chiquita the Argentine black and white tegu.   The students had the opportunity to touch Chiquita and look at her up close.  They also learned that she is an omnivore because her diet consist of both meat and plants!


The students had a wonderful time in Lorikeet Landing, feeding the lorikeets nectar! Later the group visited our commissary kitchen where we prepare food for our animals. They even took a quick walk inside our freezer! Brrrr is that cold!

tuesday-lor3 tuesday-lori

tuesday-lori2 tuesday-lori4

Both groups continued their investigation of how ants solve problems using specific structures on their bodies

tuesday-anta tuesday-ants.