School at the Zoo: Wilt Day One

The Louisville Zoo education department is excited to be partnering with Wilt Elementary for the first time this year. Mrs. Pack and Mrs. Bradley’s classes arrived promptly at 10:00 a.m. and  made their way to the MetaZoo Discovery Center. The students will use the MetaZoo as “homebase” for the week but will visit our Glacier Run classroom one day later this week.


Today the students were given their “School at the Zoo Science Notebooks”.  They will utilize these books for the entire week to record their work in class and on Zoo walks. Both groups visited our Islands exhibit today where they observed the different structures that animals have to survive.

img_2545 img_2548


Our docent volunteers brought three of our raptors into the classroom today and discussed the classification of birds. Our students also began their ant study today. They will continue looking at ants and how ants use their structures to solve problems tomorrow.

img_2551 bobbie-ants img_2553