wilt students look at gorilla

School at the Zoo: Wilt Day Five

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Our mission as employees of the Louisville Zoo is to “connect people to the planet.”  As School at the Zoo educators, we immerse students in a living classroom for a week and introduce them to some of the most incredible species on our earth. We hope that they leave on Friday filled with an understanding of how their actions make a difference in the health of our planet and with a compassion for living things.

Today we discussed actions that kids can take to help nature. Wilt third graders had a lot of great ideas!

Today both groups visited gorillas in Gorilla Forest. We spent a large amount of time observing the gorillas and discussing gorilla behavior.

Our education staff will be hosting a school science night in the winter at Wilt and we look forward to having fun, meeting families, and seeing the cool engineering design projects the students will create.