Learning at the Louisville Zoo

School at the Zoo: Portland Day Two

Day two of School at the Zoo was an exciting day for our Portland Elementary guests.

tuesday-petting-zoo   tuesday-petting-zoo2 tuesday-petting-zoo3

Mrs. Rhodes’ class explored the living and nonliving (biotic and abiotic) factors that make up ecosystems and also explored the diversity of ecosystems around the world.  Afterwards, the students took a trip to the HerpAquarium where they solved an “Ecosystem Mystery” puzzle.  They identified the areas of the world in which animals like poison dart frogs and gila monsters reside.

tuesday-theater tuesday-bearded

Yum Yum! Mrs. Baumer’s group learned about different types of consumers (herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores) and took a behind-the-scenes look at our commissary kitchen where the animals’ diets are prepared.

Both groups moved forward in their ant observations. Using magnifying glasses, students studied the insects’ anatomy. They worked in pairs to create a list of structures and their functions in their notebooks.

tuesday-ants2 tuesday-ants