students sit on rhino statue

School at the Zoo: Portland Day Three

On Wednesday, Mrs. Rhodes group moved their class to our Glacier Run exhibit to spend a day with the bears! During their lesson they discussed how artists, architects, and engineers have historically been inspired to create some pretty cool buildings and inventions through observing nature.


This group also had the opportunity to observe bear, tiger, and seal/sea lion training on Wednesday.


Mrs. Baumer’s group studied ecosystems and visited the HerpAquarium.  They also started thinking about how animals solve problems using their “superpower” structures and how animals can do a lot of things that humans cannot!



This week both groups have had the opportunity to visit our lorikeets in Lorikeet Landing.  We love to see the students’ big smiles and laughs as birds land on their hands, arms and even heads-to drink nectar from their cups.

wednesday-lorikeet    tuesday-lorikeets3 tuesday-lorikeets2 tuesday-lorikeets