Group Photo School Zoo visit

School at the Zoo: Portland Day One

Partnering with Portland Elementary has always come very easily to the MetaZoo Discovery Center.  Because the school is an environmental magnet, the students are already very conscious of how their behaviors affect the world around them.

We were so excited to see our JCPS friends, especially environmental educator Brenda Stokes with whom we have worked with for many years.

About 55 fourth graders attended the first day of School at the Zoo.

Students discussed the terms “structure” ( an animal’s body part) and “function” (how that feature helps the animal survive in its’ environment). In class they saw a hedgehog, and a Madagascar hissing cockroach in class.

After lunch our Raptor Docents gave us a close up view of a great horned owl,


Students also started their initial outdoor ant observation. Students spent time honing in on their science skills by recording data collected during their observation and then comparing that information with other students.



Students ventured to our Islands exhibit today and enjoyed discussing what structures animals have for survival.

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