girl pets goat at petting zoo

School at the Zoo: Portland Day Four

Students in Mrs. Baumer’s class were visited by a gecko and a chinchilla today  in their Glacier Run classroom. While they touched and observed these animals they discussed how these animals utilize their structures to solve problems every day.  They also discussed biomimicry and looked at how engineers are using dolphin echolocation to help navigate submarines under water and how architect Antoni Gaudi was inspired to create his famous Sagrada Familia cathedral from his observations in nature.

These students got to see polar bear, tiger, and sea lion training today as well.

Mrs. Rhodes’ class discussed different types of consumers today (herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores) and visited our commissary kitchen. They also got up close with our goats in the Boma petting zoo.


Both groups of students started on their engineering design projects today by brainstorming challenges they face in their own lives. We will continue working on this project tomorrow and when the students return to school next week.