maupin students look at turtle

School at the Zoo: Maupin Days Three & Four

Our groups from Maupin both experienced our Glacier Run exhibit in a big way this week by attending our training sessions led by our keeper staff. The students observed tiger training, polar bear training, and pinniped (sea lion) training and had the opportunity to ask keepers questions about animal behavior and animal care here at the Louisville Zoo.

thursday-bear wednesday-tiger

Our Maupin students are truly becoming aspiring inventors this week as they brainstorm on inventions that are animal inspired.  Each animal is unique in its own way-with features that help them to solve problems in ways that we, as humans, cannot. The students are thinking about everyday challenges that they face as third graders and what animals could help them solve those problems. From there they will imagine an animal-inspired invention to do the job!

thursday-chin thursday-skull

As always, students spent the last two days observing animals in the classroom and taking notes in their School at the Zoo Science Notebooks. We have also had some super fun Zoo walks despite the rainy weather on Thursday!wednesday-herp wednesday-herp2

wednesday-herp3 wednesday-herp4