maupin elementary boy feeds lorikeet

School at the Zoo: Maupin Day Two

Our School at the Zoo students arrived this morning for their second day of School at the Zoo. Students in Miller/Nantin’s group discussed different types of consumers (carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores) and were visited in class by a snake, rabbit, and tegu.

They also enjoyed visiting the Louisville Zoo’s Petting Zoo and spending time with our pygmy goats.

tuesday-goats3 tuesday-goats2

tuesday-goats4 tuesday-goats1

tuesday-goats5 tuesday-goats6

Nelson/Terranova’s group learned how living things interact with nonliving things in different ecosystems around the world.  They enjoyed seeing our three banded armadillo in class and visiting our HerpAquarium: home to our white alligator King Louie. Both groups enjoyed visiting our lorikeets and wallabies today as well.

tuesday-lorikeets5 tuesday-lorikeets3

tuesday-lorikeets2 tuesday-lorikeets4

tuesday-lori tuesday-lorikeets6tuesday-lorikeets

The ant investigation continued today with students learning the proper terms for ant anatomy and using magnifying glasses to look at ant structures up close!