maupin students look at penguins

School at the Zoo: Maupin Day One

The Louisville Zoo is happy to welcome Maupin Elementary: the Catalpa Model School here for a week of nature based learning at School at the Zoo.

Much like our partnership with Portland Elementary, working with Maupin feels like a natural fit as part of their vison relates to nature play and outdoor/environmental learning.

The students arrived today at 10:00 a.m. by bus and made the walk down to the MetaZoo Discovery Center. Each child received his/her School at the Zoo science notebook and reviewed expectations for the week. Both groups discussed the Next Generation Science terms “structure” and “function”  and saw a hedgehog and Madagascar hissing cockroach in class.

monday-hedgehog3 monday-hedgehog


Students started their ant observations today. The warmer weather allowed us to see a couple of different species of ants. Students compared ants at different baited spots around the MetaZoo. We also discussed what challenges ants face every day in order to survive.

After lunch our docent volunteers brought in our Raptor animal ambassadors for a visit. The students observed and discussed our red tail hawk, great horned owl, turkey vulture.

monday-vulture monday-hawk

Today Maupin students visited the Islands exhibit and discussed the structures of Komodo dragons, Cuban crocodiles, and Rock hopper penguins.  They also got to see our O rangutans Teak & Amber enjoying a beautiful fall day outdoors.

monday-penguins monday-orang