cochran girl holds parakeet

School at the Zoo: Cochran Day Two

We welcomed Cochran back to School at the Zoo on Tuesday November 29th.

Today Ms. Wanda’s group studied ecosystems around the world and their living and nonliving components. The students saw an armadillo and a bearded dragon. We visited the HerpAquarium and solved a mystery puzzle about where its ectothermic residents call home.

bobbi flamingos

Ms. Karen’s group learned about producers and consumers (omnivores, carnivores, and herbivores). In class they saw our argentine black and white tegu! They visited the commissary kitchen as well where we prepare food for our animals at the Louisville Zoo. They also had a surprise visit with “Baby” our turkey vulture!

img_2991 img_2992

Because of the great weather, we were able to take both groups to Lorikeet Landing and our Wallaby Walkabout today.  The students couldn’t stop talking about the fun they had interacting with these Australian animals up close.

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