Cane Run students pose for pictures

School at the Zoo: Cane Run Day Three

On Wednesday Mrs. Moore’s students were able to observe the Louisville Zoo’s Keeper Staff  train bears, pinnipeds (sea lions/seals), and Amur tiger. During our training demos students have the opportunity to interact with the keepers and ask questions about animals and animal care. We hope that these discussions spark an interest in the students and inspire them to potentially pursue careers in science or biology later in life. This group also began to explore the ideas of biomimicry: engineering design inspired by nature.  Did you know VELCRO was inspired by cockleburs that stick to your clothes when you walk through a field?!


Mrs. Coleman White’s group discussed ecosystems today and explored the HerpAquarium where they saw vampire bats, many species of reptiles, and our famous white alligator, King Louie.


Students also visited the Petting Zoo and Commissary Kitchen where staff prepares food for the animals.