Friday visiting the Meerkats

School at the Zoo: Cane Run Day Five

It was a bittersweet day as we wrapped up an amazing week of science learning with Cane Run Elementary School. Our staff is so proud of the hard work that these fourth graders put in this week.  It is a true wonder to watch children walk through our gates on Monday with nervous apprehension and  leave our classrooms on Friday with gained confidence and an appreciation for the natural world. We will certainly miss their smiling faces!

Surprises were in store for both groups today as we took a ride on the Louisville Zoo’s Conservation Carousel.  We also (finally) visited our Gorilla Forest exhibit and spent some time observing our great apes


Today in class both groups shared ideas on how they can help nature and protect the planet. They saw a ball python, a domestic ferret, and a white’s tree frog.

friday-1 friday-2

We asked the students this week to think of a challenge they face in their day to day life-that might be more easily solved if they were an animal. Today, we began the initial process of designing a tool that the students could use to solve this challenge-that is inspired by an “animal champion”.


It is our hope that the students will return to school and continue their engineering design process by creating a final product that will be on display during science night in January.

We wrapped up the afternoon with a siamang gibbon keeper talk. The students had the opportunity to ask questions about these animals and about the work that our keepers do.


We had such a great and memorable week.  Thanks to all the docent volunteers, keeper staff, and JCPS staff that made this week possible for these learners.