Polar bear Qannik

Help Protect Our Planet — It Starts With US!

Our actions contribute to the issues our planet faces on climate change. Change can’t happen overnight — and it won’t happen without support from around the world. It starts with us!

So, how can we do our part to stop climate change?

What we can do at an individual level:

  • Reduce energy use. Turn lights out and your computer off. Find out if there are GREEN power alternatives available.
  • Plant a tree to soak up carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Change the way you move! Ride a bicycle and take public transportation.
  • Recycle, reuse, and repurpose.
  • Insulate your home efficiently.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water and dry them outside or on drying racks.

What we can do at the local community level:

  • Start a school project on behalf of the polar bears and environmental issues.
  • Join the Louisville Zoo’s youth board and find your voice while supporting wildlife.
  • Join organizations such as Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a non-partisan grassroots advocacy program that focuses on national policies that address climate change.

What we can do at the international level:

  • Become a member or support projects of great organizations already inspiring change in the world. Polar Bears International is a great place to start; check out the Save Our Sea Ice campaign and become a polar bear ambassador.

Download this handout and share with your friends so they can help in the fight against climate change too!