banner - little blue penguin, with white breast, neck feathers, rest is blue feathers, blk beak, small eyes, standing alone, with crowd in the background

Penguin Nesting Season

The first little penguin nesting season arrived at the Louisville Zoo! Two pairs of penguins took part this year: male penguin Boost with female Broccolini, and male Eminem with female Cody. The penguin pairs made their nests in cozy nesting boxes filled with sand and nesting materials like sticks, twigs and hay. At the time of this article, each penguin pair had lain two clutches of eggs and the parents were taking turns incubating the eggs. Little penguin nesting season generally lasts through March in Australia but sometimes longer. You can see the nine little penguins on exhibit this spring during days above 50 degrees. While they are nesting, they may be off exhibi.