Nona: A PASA Story

LOGO-with-textNona, an infant gorilla, was found as a tiny baby in a hunting camp after witnessing her family being killed in a village in the east of Cameroon. Often adult gorillas are killed for bushmeat in Africa and the young gorillas are left orphaned, like Nona.

A logging operation contacted Ape Action Africa after rescuing this young gorilla. Officials of the organization found Nona emaciated and wounded by a bullet.

After the nine-hour drive back to the sanctuary, the rescue crew began intensive medical treatment. It was a difficult and long case of rehabilitation but eventually Nona was successfully introduced to a family of 10 gorillas. Nona is one of the youngest of her family group and is very social and a favorite among gorillas and staff. She is a very vocal gorilla who absolutely loves mangoes and breaks into gorilla singing anytime she is given them.

Organizations like Pan African Sanctuary Alliance aim to aid ailing gorillas and shed light on the harsh realities of the bushmeat trade, habitat destruction , deforestation and other things that diminish wild gorilla popilations.

PASA is the only network of wildlife sanctuaries working across Africa to empower local people to protect chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and monkeys.

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