Louisville Zoo and Mega Cavern Investigation Continues

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Both attractions remain closed until engineers determine the area is safe

LOUISVILLE, Ky., March 8, 2019 – Out of an abundance of caution, the Louisville Zoo and Louisville Mega Cavern (where the guest attractions are located) will remain closed through the weekend awaiting completion of the investigation.

Preliminary findings from geo-technical and mining engineers suggest that this was an isolated, singular event in an undeveloped and unoccupied area on the Louisville Zoo property above an unoccupied area of the Louisville Mega Cavern. Engineers have performed an initial investigation, in the immediate area of the sinkhole and in the areas nearby. A comprehensive evaluation will continue through the weekend of the entire area, above and below ground.

Nearby homes and businesses remain unaffected due to the isolated nature of this incident.

In anticipation of rainfall this weekend, steps have been taken to divert water from flowing into the Mega Cavern.

When the engineers determine the entire area to be safe, the Zoo and Mega Cavern will resume full operations. The Louisville Underground (commercial division) has been reopened as of Thursday morning.