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Day 38:  Infant Gets a Name!

kindi_01Excerpt from April 20, 2016 press release

The Louisville Zoo’s Gorilla Forest zoo keepers have been dedicating days and nights to caring for the premature infant gorilla born in March. In recognition of their devotion and tireless caretaking, the keepers have been granted the privilege of naming the new female western lowland gorilla. The infant gorilla was named “Kindi” as a fitting tribute her mother, Mia Moja, who passed away due to complications following an emergency cesarean section.  The keeper staff affectionately called Mia Moja “squirrel,” and “Kindi” means “squirrel” in Swahili. Kindi also rhymes with Mshindi, the name of her father.

Assistant Mammal Curator and Gorilla Forest Supervisor Jill Katka explained, “Mia’s quickness and agility earned her the nickname “squirrel.” She was so special to us that it seemed perfect to name her daughter after the Swahili name for squirrel.”

You can meet Kindi for the first time starting Thursday, April 21 in Gorilla Forest. She will be presented with her attending keeper in a sectioned off area of the indoor sanctuary on a limited basis from noon to 4 p.m., Thursdays through Sundays. Viewing times are subject to change as is necessary for such a young gorilla. More…

Click to read the full media release announcing her name.

For current viewing time for Kindi, as well as all of our attractions and exhibits, visit Today at the Zoo.

Next time, as promised, we’ll tell you all about Kindi’s typical overnight looks like.

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