BFF Blog #2: On the Road


BFFs loaded for release

We are 45 minutes out from Holly, Colorado and getting excited to celebrate our 25th anniversary by releasing 30 black-footed ferrets (BFF) on two sites this evening. We’ve been talking about these little critters and the prairie landscape of Colorado.  And along the drive we have been pointing out specific wildlife and botanicals to each other.

The ranch we are going to is near the Kansas border so we will have been on the road 3 hours when we get there.

I asked Zoo Director John Walczak what he was most looking forward to. He tells us that he wants to personally see a BFF pop their head out of a prairie dog hole. John may get his wish, Guy tells us that as soon as the door of the sky kennel is open, the ferret will run straight into a prairie dog hole and sometimes they will pop their head back out.

We can’t wait.

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