Day Camp: Beating the Heat at Safari Day Camp!

It’s been a hot week here at the Zoo, but the campers don’t let that stop them from having a good time!

The Diggin’ Dinos campers have been having so much fun playing and learning about dinosaurs! Many of them are dinosaur experts and love to show off their dino knowledge!

Where the Wild Things Are campers are having so much fun this week – they even made enrichment for our female Babirusa because it was her birthday!

Colossal  Creatures campers have done animal yoga, learned about the largest tiger – the Amur tiger, studied the rainforest, and learned about penguin sizes!

Underwater Adventurers got a special talk from the Bryan the Little Penguin keeper!

Vet Campers have met with our Vet staff several times now. Yesterday they even got to look in on our Grizzly Bear ‘Otis’ as he got a physical and a broken tooth pulled! (Don’t worry, the 730 pound bear was under anesthesia!) They made enrichment for our goats, practiced using a stethoscope, and helped Dr. Julie with a rabbit check-up!

Zoo Backstage Pass: The Backstage Pass campers have been touring all over the Zoo!  They got to tour behind the scenes of Glacier Run, the Black-Footed Ferret Conservation Center, Islands, Giraffes, and more! They’ve even met some of our dedicated staff – our Public Relations manager, our construction manager, and our supervisor of animal training.

Campers met our Australian Woma Python! And Exhibit design teams at work! (Amber the Orangutan wants to help!)