Zoo Kids Inc. students at Tapir exhibit

Zoo Kids, Inc. Partners

Of all Louisville’s many wonderful attractions, nothing seems to capture the hearts and minds of children as much as the Louisville Zoo.

A visit to the Zoo helps to bring classroom lessons to life for students.  Following a recent visit, one teacher wrote, “Every year, there are a handful of students who have never been to the Zoo. This year, when I announced the trip, a little boy rushed forward and hugged me, exclaiming, ‘I’ve never been to the Zoo! Thank you! Thank you!’ He knows what the Zoo is, but his family has never been able to go.  At least half of my class would be unable to pay for the trip without assistance from Zoo Kids, Inc.”

If you would like to support Zoo Kids, Inc., please complete and return a partnership form or contact the Zoo’s development office at 502-238-5386 or Caleb.Omeara@louisvilleky.gov.

The Louisville Zoo Foundation is grateful for the support of the following Zoo Kids, Inc. Partners:

  • Greater Louisville United Labor Picnic, Inc.
  • LG&E and KU Energy LLC
  • Valassis Communication, Inc.
  • V.V. Cooke Foundation
  • Drs. Sunil & Indira Thirkannad
  • Mr. & Mrs. Vernon M. Smith
  • Rech Family Fund
  • Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. Black
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jerry T. Miller
  • Marshall & Mimi Heuser

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