Zoo Kids Inc. Qualification Requirements

Is my school/organization eligible for Zoo Kids, Inc. funding?

If you answer YES to all of them, you are eligible.

  • Are you a 501 (c)(3) non-profit agency or school serving a majority percentage of underprivileged children?
  • Can you submit a completed application on or before Aug. 23, 2024?
    Please note, only ONE application per school or organization will be considered. If you have multiple grades or programs that would like to participate, please consult your staff internally before applying.
  • Do you have your principal/school board or Executive Director’s approval, prior to applying, for a field trip in 2024-2025?
  • Can you provide your own transportation for participants to/from the Louisville Zoo?
  • Can you provide the required number of chaperones for your group (1 adult per 10 children)?
  • Can you have your students/clients create thank you cards/letters/drawings to the Zoo Kids, Inc. program and send them within two (2) weeks of your visit? This step is crucial for the continuation and growth of this program. Non-fulfillment may render your organization ineligible for future participation.

Did you answer yes to all?