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Animal Adoptions

True Love Waits!
Special offer extended!


Animals Depend On People To Survive

When you become a Louisville Zoo A.D.O.P.T.S. parent, you are helping to provide much needed food and enrichment for your favorite animal. From Addax to Zebra, all of the animals at the Louisville Zoo need care and feeding and now you can adopt your favorite one. The Louisville Zoo spends over a half million dollars a year to feed our amazing collection of animal ambassadors.

Special Valentine’s Day Offer:

Adopt any of these Valentine animals and receive a special Animal “Love Note”:

  • Siberian “Amur” Tiger – “You’re the purrr-fect “Amur” for me!”
  • California Sea Lion – “Let’s seal it with a kiss!”
  • African Elephant – “I could never forget you Valentine, I love you tons!”
  • Hartmann’s Zebra – “It’s black & white, I love you Valentine!”
  • Western Lowland Gorilla – “I go ape over you!”
  • Great Horned or Snowy Owl – “Whooo’s your Valentine?”
  • Rockhopper Penguin – “I waddle be your Valentine!”
  • Infant Gorilla Kindi – “You’re some Kindi wonderful” ($60 Level Only)
  • $30 ($35): Adoption Certificate, Name on Website & Picture/Info Card
  • $40 ($50): All of the above
    PLUS Photo button of your animal
  • $60 ($75): All of the above
    PLUS a plush toy

Online Adoptions

There are two ways to Adopt:

  1. Purchase Online
  2. Print out and Mail directly to the Zoo: Valentine’s Day Order Form
    Delivery on or before Valentine’s Day cannot be guaranteed at this time. Please place your order and call (502)238-5389 for pickup scheduling.

P.O. Box 37250
Louisville, KY 40233

Please allow a minimum of 2 business days for processing.


If you have questions about adopting for a group or customizing your adoption at a higher level, email or call (502) 238-5389.

Privacy Note
Any information you provide is for internal use only and will not be sold to or used by other parties.