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Irvin & Alice’s Garden Commemorative Plaques

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Irvin & Alice’s Garden is the newest dedication and relaxation space here at the Louisville Zoo. Located adjacent to the Sloth Exhibit near the Big Cats of America, the garden offers guests a shaded, peaceful spot to take a moment and enjoy the wonder of the natural world around us. Four lovely posts marked CELEBRATE, REMEMBER, LEGACY, and HONOR placed along the perimeter of the garden offer a prominent place for a handmade plaque inscribed to commemorate a loved one, friend, or special life event.

Three sizes are available: 2”x 4″, 4.5” x 4”, and 3” x 8.5”. Please see the order form for additional details and order information.

For more information or to order a plaque, please email or call him at (502) 238-5302.

Louisville Zoo Bench

Time-honored Benches

With a gift of $2,500 for an existing bench or $5,000 for a new bench, Zoo staff will help you to choose a commemorative bench on the 134-acre Zoo grounds. Benches are strategically placed throughout the Zoo to attract tired visitors by offering them a shady place to rest. A personalized brass plaque will be installed on your bench and remain on Zoo grounds for a minimum of five years. The inscription can contain up to 20 characters and three lines.

In the unlikely event that your bench becomes damaged beyond repair within the first five years, the Zoo will be responsible for its replacement and the replacement of the plaque. Should the bench need replacing after the initial five years, you will have the opportunity to renew your gift for a new bench and plaque.

During times of expansion or construction, your bench may need to be relocated. We will make every effort to place your bench in proximity to its existing location; however final placement decisions rest with the Zoo.

For more information on benches, please email or call him at (502) 238-5302.

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