photo - zoo white tram, visitors can ride to different locations in zoo, get on and off, variety of tram stops through out the zoo.

Louisville Zoo Tram

Hours may vary depending on staffing and attendance. All activities are seasonal and subject to regular Zoo maintenance and the cooperation of weather and animals.

Is the tram free?

Yes! The tram is a free service for all guests and members, however donations are always welcome and appreciated but never required.

Is the tram a tour?

No, the tram is not a tour. It is a means of transportation to and from different areas of the Zoo.
Due to the tram’s intended purpose and limited capacity (6 – 12 guests), we are unable to give complete rides around or drop off at specific locations within the park.

Who can ride the tram?

The tram is available for all Zoo guests and members. We offer a ramp accessible tram to guests with mobility issues or devices. Please let the tram operator know if you need assistance.

Where do I board the tram and how long is the route?

The tram makes stops at marked locations throughout the Zoo (at the front plaza, behind the elephant habitat, by the Glacier Run entrance, next to Kooka Koolers by the Splash Park, and across from the Ropes Course). The tram follows a specific route and travels from Africa toward the Islands. The tram takes approximately 20 minutes to make a full loop through the Zoo.

When is the tram closed?

The tram begins operations at 10:00 a.m. and begins its final lap 30 minutes before the Zoo closes. The tram runs daily from mid-March to mid-October. Operation may vary based on staffing and attendance and is subject to regular Zoo maintenance and the cooperation of weather and animals. For the health and safety of our guests and staff the tram may not operate due to larger crowd size within the park. The tram typically operates during inclement weather.