Ropes Adventure Courses

Open Weekends Only 10:00 a.m. – 5:15 p.m.

Hours may vary; depending on staffing, weather, and attendance.  

The whole family will want to try these exciting adventure ropes courses!

Sky Trail® Ropes Course

Adventurers will see the Zoo from a whole new perspective from their perch high above the ground. Sky Trail® is a high ropes, adventure course which consists of horizontally strung cables, ropes, boards and other materials secured between steel supports to create elements or activities.

Each participant is outfitted with a full body harness and a safety lanyard or sling line. The sling line is inserted into an overhead track and allows the participant to traverse each element by walking, balancing or climbing. Each course has an overhead tracking system that prevents participants from disconnecting their sling line from the course at any time. This unique system also allows participants to choose their path through the course while going at their own pace with the ability to pass other participants at each platform. The track also allows participants the ability to move up and down between the levels without having to disconnect at anytime from the track.

  • Two stories tall
  • Over 18 challenging elements including: deep Burma buckets with handlines and footline, 6″ rope beam, quarter cargo net, droopy handline, lilly pads
  • Available for all ages, although those under 48” require a helper. Must fit in harness.
  • Great for individuals, families and groups.

Fun Facts:

  • The course weighs 42,205 lbs. is 32′ tall and 46′ wide.
  • If all the rope from all the elements were stretched out it would measure 2,212.65′.
  • 54 gallons of paint were used to cover the course.
  • 1,715 bolts were used to assemble the course.
  • If a guest crosses every element and incline, they will have moved through 552′ of overhead tracking.

Click for Sky Trail®  Attendance Rules.

Sky Trail Tickets

Non-Members $10.50
Members $9.50
Groups 15+ / School Groups $8

Sky Tykes™

Finally, a ropes course for little ones! The Sky Tykes™ course is manufactured specifically for children ranging in age from 2-7 years old but can be used by anyone under 48″. Just like our larger Sky Trail® courses, harnessed participants will hook into the patented safety system and begin their adventure.

A unique feature of Sky Tykes™ is the walk-through element area. This special feature allows for a helper, usually a parent, to accompany their child while they are navigating around the course. Parents walk along side their child and are able to assist with any help they may need. The elements and safety track are specifically designed for smaller children who may not want to try one of our larger courses. This course is a perfect starting point for beginners or small children. Maximum height is 48”.

Click for Sky Tykes™ Attendance Rules.

Located near the Islands Cafe, these thrilling experiences require a separate ticket available at the Ropes Course.

Sky Tykes™ Tickets

Non-Members $5.50
Members $4.50
Groups 15+ / School Groups $3

Seasonal Attraction subject to the cooperation of weather and Zoo maintenance.