Splash Park

photo - little boy playing in splash park, with various water sprays going off while playing

Give Your Kids Something COOL To Do!

The Splash Park is now open through Labor Day Weekend.

The Splash Park is open daily during regular Zoo hours. It closes 30 minutes before the Zoo closes each evening.

FREE with paid Zoo admission or membership.  Zoo Members-Only Morning Splash is daily in June, July and August. Members have early access to the Splash Park until 10 a.m.

This nautically-themed splash park is the perfect place for kids to escape Kentucky’s hot summer days with something cool to do! The Splash Park at Glacier Run features 42 unique spray events — which means 42 ways to get wet!

Splash Park at Louisville Zoo

  • 20-foot long and 25-foot high fishing boat for kids to climb on
  • Two kid-sized slides off the back of the boat
  • Dump buckets and spray heads on the deck of the boat
  • A 50 foot geyser that erupts from the mast on a timed basis
  • Crates and barrels where kids can push buttons and pull ropes to trigger various sprays and splashes

Kid-friendly! Designed with safe, family fun in mind, the area also includes:

  • Lots of splashes and sprays but NO standing water
  • A play zone just for toddlers
  • Cushioned playground surfaces
  • Fenced area with only one way in and out
  • Plenty of comfortable seating
  • Two small picnic pavilions
  • A restroom complex with facilities for men and women plus 2 family restrooms which can be used as changing areas.

Help us to keep your Splash Park clean, safe and sanitary for everyone! We, like you, want to limit any closures that can be avoided if we follow these guidelines when visiting the Splash Park:

  • Be sure to have swim diapers for all children who are not potty trained.

Limit time between diaper checks. Check frequently and change as needed. We recommend checking diapers at least every 30 – 60 minutes. If you forget extra swim diapers, you can purchase them at the Kooka Coolers next to Wild Burger. Be sure to change diapers in the bathroom or diaper-changing area — not next to the splash zones.

  • Please, do not wear street shoes in the splash zones.
  • Do not visit the Splash Park with an upset stomach or an open wound that is not covered with a waterproof bandage.
  • Be sure to shower before you come to the Splash Park (there are no showers at the Zoo).
  • Do not drink or swallow the water.
  • Take kids on bathroom breaks regularly, we recommend every 60 minutes, to help ensure no children accidently or inadvertently utilize the splash pad to relieve themselves.
  • Dry ears thoroughly with a towel after swimming.

Why do we have these guidelines?

Splash Park regulations are mandated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Following these guidelines helps us to maintain the highest level of health and safety. They safeguard you and the park against germs that may wash off our clothes and bodies. They also help to prevent temporary closures due to fecal, urinary or bloodborne contamination of the water.

Water used in the Splash Park is continuously recirculated and recycled. It is chemically treated with liquid chlorine, passes through a sand filter then a UV sterilizer for inactivation of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms before being pumped back into the Splash Park. All of this is monitored by a very sophisticated automated control system which measures chlorine, pH, temperature, ORP, flow rate and more. Our trained staff also manually test the water every hour and the Health Department tests weekly.

Despite all efforts to clean, sanitize, monitor and regulate water conditions contaminants may persist and water that is ingested may cause irritation or illness.

What happens if there’s a contamination accident?

When a potential contaminant is identified or reported, the Splash Park staff will isolate and sanitize any exposure as quickly as possible. Based on the contaminant, the Splash Park will be shut down temporarily for the safety of our guests. These closures may last from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

If the Splash Park requires closure you may hear staff using whistles and making announcements asking everyone to exit the splash zones. An approximate time may be given but is subject to the appropriate needs of the situation and may change without notice.

Wild Burger in Australia (Seasonal) —  Try a classic quick casual burger concept. Frozen wine and beer also available.

Kooka Coolers in Australia (Seasonal) — Soft serve ice cream, soft pretzels, popcorn, cotton candy, bottled water, ICEE and fountain beverages.