Camel Rides at the Louisville Zoo

Camel Rides

Open Daily from 10:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 2 – 4 p.m.

Hours may vary; depending on staffing, weather, and attendance.

Take a sail on the “ship of the desert.” Ramp up your Zoo adventure with a camel ride – a ride of a lifetime. The Zoo’s dromedary camels will offer you a memorable ride and photo opportunity. Purchase tickets at camel area. Subject to the cooperation of animals and weather.

Camel Ride Ticket Prices

Non-Members $7
Members $6

NEW Camel Feeding Prices

Closed.  Camel Feedings are not being offered at this time.
Get nose-to-nose with the Zoo’s friendly camels as they eat right out of your hand!

Camel Feeding (per person) $3

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Did you know…

Like horses, camels are domesticated animals.

Camel Ride Guidelines:

For specific ride questions, please check with the camel ride operators before purchasing tickets.

We will do all we can to accommodate riders, however, safety is our first priority. Below are general restrictions for safety and compliance  with USDA regulations:

  • A single rider may be paired with another single rider in line at the operators discretion.
  • Pregnant women are not permitted to ride the camels.
  • People with back or hip injuries should not ride the camels.
  • Riders may not choose which camel they ride.
  • Two adults are not permitted to ride together on any of the camels.

Due to safety standards and USDA regulations, some guests may not be able to ride the camels. Ride operators will be responsible for making the final decision. We appreciate your understanding.

Disabled Access

Must be able to exit wheelchair, and maintain an upright, seated position while riding.

 Learn about Dromedary camels.