photo - mom and child, laughing while doing arts and crafts at meta zoo, cutting out animals, color with colored pencils

MetaZoo Activities

Check out these fun crafts and activities to do while you are staying safe at home! These are good for teachers, parents and students alike.

Make a Bug Blob 

Grab your family and just a few items! We’re going to make bug blobs — your very own bug you can name!

Make an Earring Holder

Need a gift for mom? Create a beautiful earring holder with only popsicle sticks, glue and markers/ crayons/ paint!

Kahili Feather Wands

Kahili Feather Wands were made by native Hawaiians to celebrate the deeds and lineages of their royals up until the U.S.A. annexed the islands in 1900 and are still made today to commemorate their heritage.

Create a Chinese Lantern

Even though Wild Lights: Asian Lantern Festival (presented by T-Mobile) is closed for the moment, you can create your very own Chinese Lantern with just a few household items.

Daffodil Coloring Sheet

Brighten your day by coloring a daffodil.  Your only choice is what color!

Egg Carton Turtle Craft

Create a cool turtle out of recycled egg cartons!

Pinecone Snowy Owl

Convert a regular pinecone into something special!

Fish Goggles

Using household items, create a pair of goggles and see what it’s like to be a fish!

Leaf Impressions

The beauty of the outdoors can become a lasting part of your home with a bit of clay and a bit of pressure.

Sock Puppets

Use an old sock and other fun items to make an animal sock puppet!

Toyota Backyard Action Hero Magazines

Read our guidebooks and learn how YOU can become a Backyard Action Hero! You’ll find fun facts and awesome activities that you can do by yourself or with family, friends and classmates. Since the Louisville Zoo is a great place to learn about all kinds of plants and animals, our the Backyard Action Hero guidebook also explores what’s happening at your Zoo! Discover ways that YOU can help protect the environment.

Track Polar Bears with Polar Bears International

Using this tool, you can watch polar bears as they travel across the sea ice to hunt seals. Our Bear Tracker shows current and past sea ice extents on Hudson Bay, along with the locations of polar bears.

Zebra Migration Activity

Can you make the migration? Be a zebra and see if you can make it across the river to food!