photo - docent sitting with male child, showing gorilla displays of hands, feet, skull with info sheets, to child, telling him about them. background is of gorilla forrest yard with rocks and trees

Docent Volunteer Organization

The Docent Organization is a wonderful group of people that have been around for over 30 years and whose contributions have continuously helped enable the zoo to grow and flourish. Docents are dedicated to assisting the Education Department in programs, classes, events, and interpreting throughout the zoo. On any given day you may see one of our Docents walking around the zoo or stationed in an area ready and excited to share their knowledge and experience with guests. Docents are easily recognized by their bright yellow shirts and name badges. So go say hello and learn something new!

Are you interested in becoming a Docent?
What are the benefits?

We are glad you asked!

We typically offer a Docent Training class once a year. Trainees take a multi-week class as well as work with a Docent Mentor and education staff to learn skills and gain confidence in several different educational settings. After completion of the training program, you will be able to volunteer your time when it is convenient for you in addition to join in scheduled programs.

If you decide to become a Docent, you will receive all the discounts and benefits of a regular zoo volunteer (See Volunteer section for details) in addition to being able to participate in visitor engagement during programs and events. Additionally, you will get to know our animal ambassadors and education staff on a more personal level. Docents are unique as volunteers in their ability to participate and work with animals and visitors in educational settings.

In order to remain in the Docent Program members are required to volunteer a minimum of 48 hours each year. We find that many of our members achieve well above that minimum number! The rewards of becoming a Docent are numerous and we hope you’ll consider joining us!

If you are interested in finding out more about our Docent Organization, you can contact us at Anyone interested in becoming either a Docent Volunteer or a regular volunteer will need to fill out a form found on our Volunteer Page. We hope to see you out here soon!