Snow Leopard Pass & the Cub House

Now Open!

Located near Tiger Taiga, the new snow leopard habitat will be sure to wow you! This new space offers our male snow leopards, Kimti and Meru, and female snow leopard, NeeCee, an engaging new environment.

The new habitat will transport you to a small Himalayan village in Nepal and provide information about the elusive snow leopard — plus you’ll learn how villagers are striving to live in balance with the snow leopard to support conservation of the species.

Snow leopards are masters of camouflage and are able to bound up to 50 feet in one jump. Visit often to spot the snow leopard among the talus rock slope; you may even catch the cat in bounding action!

The “village” also includes an early-learning play space, The Cub House, presented by PNC, open on weekends when classes and camps are not in session.

This adjoining early-childhood education program space will connect young people to animals, habitats, cultures and group activities in a child-centered stimulating environment. Early learners will have the opportunity to participate in programs that enhance their observation, critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills, leading to a stronger desire and interest to learn and ultimately a better future for all.

This expansion was made possible through the supporters of our Leadership Capital Campaign.

Learn more about the Zoo’s future exhibit plans here.