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Leadership Capital Campaign

Campaign Vision

Creating nose-to-nose experiences with our animal ambassadors to build lasting guest memories to better the bond between people and our planet.

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CapitalCampaign_PenguinCove_02Campaign Summary

The  $10.4 million Leadership Capital Campaign will engage guests with wonderful nose-to-nose, beak and trunk encounters that will create memories and inspire action. Each phase of the campaign will build upon the distinguished legacy of the Zoo within the community and zoo world to address the region’s need for life-long academic attainment, increased quality of life amenities, environmental awareness through conservation education programming while expanding the Zoo’s economic impact. The Zoo truly wishes to make the community a better place with current capital plans, a place where people from all walks of life can relax, learn, and reconnect with nature.

CapitalCampaign_LeopardLeap_02The phases of the campaign outlined below will increase levels of interaction and engagement with Zoo guests, staff and all of our animals.

We thank those who have contributed to the campaign so far including individuals, foundations, corporations, Louisville Metro Government, Louisville Zoo Youth Board and Friends of the Zoo board.

To learn more or to make a gift in support of the campaign, please contact Director of Development, Kelly Grether, at 502-238-5615 or

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