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Leadership Capital Campaign

We are excited to have construction work underway — thanks to your generosity — with the creation of four new projects at your Louisville Zoo. We wanted to take the opportunity to thank those who have contributed to the campaign for their generous support of the Leadership Capital Campaign and share updates on the projects that we have in progress.

In late fall 2017, we officially broke ground on an expanded outdoor dining area at the African Outpost; an adjacent new exhibit for African primates; a new botanical area in the southern area of the Zoo near the macaw and flamingo exhibits; and a new home for our two snow leopards that will also feature an early learning play space called The Cub House presented by PNC.These projects, which will open in early 2019 during the Zoo’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, are possible because of you, our dedicated friends and supporters.

Thank you for being part of a campaign that raised $14 million to support the animals at the Zoo. Your gift is a vote of confidence in our work, a voice of support for our role in the community, and shows us that you deeply care about animals and their welfare.

We will continue to offer updates on the progress of construction and opening reception here. Next time you are at the Zoo, take a moment to enjoy the two campaign exhibits we opened in 2016, Penguin Cove and Elephant Encounter, and be sure to check out construction progress on these four new campaign projects. If you are unable to visit, we will continue to offer updates on the progress of construction on this page. Thank you for your support.

We have an official name for our primate exhibit: Colobus Crossings 

You can see the foundation for the mesh habitat has been laid as well as the subgrade for the African Outpost deck expansion. Most of the work so far has been going on where you can’t see. The inside of the former woolly monkey holding area is being transformed into day rooms for the new primates and a vestibule where guests can see the colobus monkeys in the winter. We’ve been compacting soil to prepare a stable base for the structures. Construction is moving along… so long as the weather cooperates!

If you’ve visited Glacier Run recently, you may have noticed a structure being built near Tiger Tundra.The structure you see is the exterior walls of the Cub House, an early-learning playspace which will be part of the new Snow Leopard exhibit. The walls are cast-in-place concrete and will be themed with aged stucco to resemble an older building in a village in Nepal. It will also have a synthetic slate roof.

Capital Campaign Supported Exhibits:

To learn more about these or future projects, please contact Director of Development, Kelly Grether, at (502) 238-5615 or

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