Training at Tiger Tundra

Alice S. Etscorn Tiger Taiga

The Zoo’s Amur/Siberian Tiger Exhibit got an “extreme make-over” in 2008.

Named the Alice S. Etscorn Tiger Taiga in honor of the woman whose gift made the renovations possible, the area now provides more “creature comforts” and excitement for both our animals and our visitors.

Features include:

Impressive Viewing Area

A covered interpretive area located on the east side of the exhibit. Visitors in this area stand on the same level as the animals.

Views directly into the exhibit through 1.5” reinforced glass all for a real nose-to-nose experience with the tigers.

Training Sessions

A training wall made of steel mesh sits behind a metal roll up door. At various times throughout the day the door will be rolled up and zookeepers will invite the tigers over to conduct training demonstrations that will be visible through the mesh.

Although Zoo guests remain a very safe distance away from the mesh, this experience provides an extraordinary opportunity to see, hear and even smell these magnificent creatures.

Updates to Top Deck

Shade has been added to the upper viewing deck. Views into the exhibit from this vantage point are much better – especially for children.