Louisville Zoo Volunteer Awards

The Louisville Zoo’s mission is to better the bond between people and our planet by providing excellent care for animals, a great experience for visitors, and leadership in conservation education.

Volunteers are integral to this goal as we educate, entertain and involve diverse groups of people from all walks of life. It takes work, dedication and many, many helping hands to make your Louisville Zoo a world-class, award-winning destination for family fun.

Below, see a list of award-winning volunteers who have been recognized for their outstanding volunteer work at the Louisville Zoo!

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Diane Taylor Spirit Award Winners


 Winners Year 
Lawrence Smith 2005
Allen Mikel 2006
Judith Tucker 2007
Lynzi Mikel 2008
Anne Ramsey 2009
Karen Nelson 2010
Trudy Fischer 2010
Terry Feathers 2011
Marvin Snyder 2012
Michael Mathis 2013
Anthony Schneider 2014
Keith Watson 2015
Rebecca Bockelman 2016
Donald Blanton 2017
David Bonham 2018
Susan Allen 2018
Chris Ramser 2019
Mark Goeing 2020

Jonathan Michael Heaton Winners

 Winners Year 
Leslie Edington 1999
Peter Lindle 2000
Sean Cooper 2001
Allen Mikel 2002
Natasha Rodgers 2003
Allen Mikel 2004
Noah Carl 2005
Davor Kusec 2006
Trae Marr 2007
Stanley Strader 2008
Rachel Pardee 2009
Tyler Hardin 2010
Mary Kaelin 2011
Christian Perkins 2012
Joshua McVicker 2012
Rebekah Carson 2013
Michelle Boyken 2014
Kun Lin 2015
Savannah Robinson 2016
Carl Grief 2017
Jacob Brady 2018
Jasmine Benningfield 2019
Andrew John Chumbley 2020